HIV Positive Patients & Hair Transplant

HIV Positive Patients & Hair Transplant

HIV Positive Patients & Hair Transplant

People living with HIV sometimes require surgical treatment for problems related and unrelated to HIV infection.

Thanks to researchers all around the world, suggest that HIV-positive patients can safely undergo a wide range of surgical procedures.

Many people with HIV go with hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries for the same reasons people who are not infected with HIV do to enhance their look. and as long as your virus is well controlled which means that the viral load is low and and the infection fighting celles count is high enough (CD4) you can proceed with hair transplant or plastic surgery.


Our experienced doctors and technicians conduct the hair transplant procedure for HIV POSITIVE patients in sterile and appropriate envirement with the last technology of hair restoration.

As a patients not infected with HIV we go with the same techniques and steps in hair transplant for patients do have HIV.

The procedure starts with the FUE (Follucle Unit Extraction) using different diameter of punches to extract the grafts from the nap of the neck (the area of the back of head between the ears)

The diameter differs according to the type of hair (Straight or curly…, Fine or Coarse…) ,and type of grafts ( individual, bilateral, triple follicular units).


The hair implantation techniques for HIV positive patients


Sapphire pen technique:

After deteming the forhead line and the number of grafts with the doctor according to your norwwod scale degree,the NFI (Needle Free Injection) anesthesia will be applied on the dconor area to start the FUE extraction using the micro motor and our experienced doctor strat opening the channels using the sapphire pen to implant all the harvested grafts.

IS DHI technique for HIV patients possible ? 

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a method of implantation using the choi pen wich designed to open channels and implant the grafts simultaneously and As all our patients we in Symmetria clinic ,performe DHI using the choi pen for our patients with HIV positive.

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