Hair Transplant For Women

Hair Transplant For Women

Hair Transplant For Women

Hair transplantation for women in Turkey is one of the most popular hair transplant services. If hair loss is an annoying health problem, it must be more troublesome when women face it! If this condition is not treated in a timely manner, it may develop and cause a void area wider than the floor of the head.

The severity of hair loss in women often increases during menopause, as hair loss begins in the middle of the scalp and extends gradually to form a hair-free area sometimes, and during this period the hair loss is similar to male baldness in the affected areas usually.

Hair transplantation for women is a suitable solution to this problem, and it is a procedure that has increased in popularity in the recent period, for both men and women.

When are hair transplantation operations for women?
Unlike men, all follicles in women are susceptible to hormonal effects, even on the sides and back of the scalp.

Hair transplantation for women can be done in certain cases, including:

The presence of areas or spots without hair.
Hair loss in a specific area as a result of an old injury, burns, or old surgical scars.
Hair loss due to non-hormonal factors, such as pulling hair, or some mental illness.
Hair loss similar to male pattern hair loss.

How is hair transplantation performed for women?

Micro FUE technique is applied, which depends on taking one hair follicle from the donor area and implanting it in the recipient area, using a device dedicated to opening channels.
 And because the diameter of the hairs in women is less than that of men, the channels are smaller, not exceeding 0.75 mm.
Hair cutting can be completely dispensed with when transplanting hair on the front of the head for women, and the number of follicles to be transplanted does not exceed 2000 follicles, as some hairs are only cut in the donor area, but if the number of follicles required increases, the doctor may resort to shaving the hair completely depending the technique choosen by the patients and according to the tupe of hair also.
implantation can also be done using DHI technology, in which using advanced Choi pens, and channels are opened and planting is done in one step.

The technique used in hair transplant without shaving for women
DHI or direct hair transplantation is the technique used in hair transplant without shaving and it is preferred by many who do not want to shave their hair, especially women.


Is hair transplantation without shaving suitable for women?
Women prefer hair transplantation without shaving to avoid losing their appearance that they are accustomed to in addition to social embarrassment. Contact us to find out if you are a suitable candidate for a no-shave hair transplant, let us prepare the best hair transplant plan for you with our team of experts.

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