Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

The aging in our face actually starts from the day we are born. In a newborn baby, eyelid and cheek distinction is not even clear. In childhood, the eyelid and cheek are completely separated. This is the result of the tissue displacement downwards by the effect of gravity. The downward displacement of tissues continues from adolescence to old age. Smoking, sun rays, stress, weight gain and loss and many other factors that disrupt skin quality can accelerate this amount of sagging. With sagging, the skin loses its tightness and loses its tight appearance. Hanging surgery applied against sagging in the forehead and eyebrow area is defined as Forehead Lift surgery.

Forehead Lift surgery is generally applied to patients over the age of 40 who have tissue accumulation on the eyebrow and upper eyelid as a result of sagging in the forehead area. It is generally performed together with upper eyelid plastic surgery. The degree of sagging determines the type of operation to be performed. In the case of minimal sagging, the tissue is removed from the scalp by hanging the eyebrows with incisions made from the scalp. In cases of excessive sagging, it may be necessary to add an incision over the eyebrow. In patients with excessive sagging and excessive skin, it may be preferred to remove excess tissue by making an incision between the two ears in the scalp.

After the forehead stretching surgery performed under general anesthesia, the patient is followed up in the hospital for 1 day. The patient begins to be fed with liquid and soft foods when the duration of 6-8 hours of anesthetic drugs expires. Swelling and edema in the face area will pass in the 7-10th days.

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