Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Our natural filling material that we carry in our own body is adipose tissue. Its most important advantage is that it creates brightness and vitality in the area where it is applied depending on the stem cells and other factors it contains. Thanks to the fat extraction methods we call liposuction, we obtain the injectable fat tissue. Unlike ready-made fillings, the operating room environment is required to perform the procedure. It can be combined with many aesthetic operations. A small amount of fat can be injected with local anesthesia. The areas where fat injection is applied in the face area are lips, nasolabial lines, cheekbones, chin tip and forehead area.

The fat required for fat injection is taken from the abdomen or hip area by liposuction method. This technique may not be suitable for patients who are very thin and have a low amount of fat, since sufficient fat cannot be taken. After the fat is filtered and softened, it is injected into the area to be filled.

Fat injection can be applied to any area that needs filling. Approximately 20-30% of the applied oil in terms of volume is lost. This rate is higher in moving areas (such as arms, legs). The proportion of fat cells and stem cells that remain healthy allows the filling to be long-term.

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