Face Lift

Face Lift

Face Lift

The aging in our face actually starts from the day we are born. In a newborn baby, eyelid and cheek distinction is not even clear. In childhood, the eyelid and cheek are completely separated. This is the result of the tissue displacement downwards by the effect of gravity. The downward displacement of tissues continues from adolescence to old age. Smoking, sun rays, stress, weight gain and loss and many other factors that impair skin quality can accelerate this amount of sagging. With sagging, the skin loses its tightness and loses its tight appearance. In order to eliminate these effects of time, hanging and tightening the tissues in the face area is defined as face lift surgery.

The sagging tissue in the facial area is not just the skin. Along with the skin, it is aimed to collect and tighten the facial muscles and the tissue that we call SMAS (Submuscular aponeurotic system) that covers these muscles like a net and continues with the Platysma muscle on the neck.

Although there is no limit age for facelift surgery, it is generally applied to patients over the age of 40 who have tissue accumulation as a result of sagging under the chin and upper lip and who want tension in the face area. Facelift surgery is applied under general anesthesia. In the postoperative period, an incision is made starting from the scalp, passing in front of the ear and extending towards the hairline behind the ear in order to hide the incision scar. In order to hang the subcutaneous tissues, the SMAS tissue is cut and / or tightened by stretching with stitches. It is possible to intervene in the same operation for sagging in the neck area. The Platysma muscle, which is the continuation of the SMAS, is reached through the same incision and the ends of the muscle are hung behind the ear. The excess skin is removed surgically. In order to prevent fluid and blood accumulation in the surgical area, silicone pipes called drains are placed and a pressure dressing is applied appropriately. In case of excessive sagging, upper and lower eyelid aesthetics, tightening of the jowl area, liposuction and fat injections are required in the same session. The type of surgery to be performed on the jowl area determines the amount of excess and sagging. Laser liposuction / VASER application is beneficial for low sagging. However, if there is severe sagging and excess skin, the neck muscle should be tightened in the midline of the neck with an incision under the chin with liposuction.

After the facelift surgery, the patient is followed up in the hospital for 1 day due to general anesthesia. It is appropriate to use a face mask that will apply pressure for the first 2-3 days. The patient begins to be fed with liquid and soft foods when the duration of 6-8 hours of anesthetic drugs expires. Swelling and edema in the face area will pass on the 7-10th days.

The patient, who gets rid of sagging in the face area with facelift surgery, gains a taut face. The most beneficial thing that patients considering facelift surgery can do before surgery is to quit smoking to reduce the risk of complications that may occur.

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