Sapphire FUE Hair Transpalnt

Sapphire FUE Hair Transpalnt

Sapphire FUE Hair Transpalnt

With the technological development that we are witnessing today, it is natural that the world of hair transplantation witnesses a great development for better results.
With the development of hair transplantation techniques, the devices used to extract and plant hair follicles have evolved.
Among those devices the most recent and famous in the world of hair transplantation today is the micromotor device equipped with the sapphire's head, which added success to the success of the most successful FUE technique in hair transplantation.


Hair transplantation is done under the influence of local anesthesia.
The differences between the sapphire technique and the classic extraction technique in the channel opening stage.

The first stage in hair transplant is the extraction using the micromotor device which is  equipped with the ambassador's head is a device for extracting the grafts from the donor area. Hair follicles with a diameter of 0.7-0.8 mm are extracted according to the thickness of the follicle, by means of the micro-motor device.
After that, the extracted follicles will be implanted into the hair channels designated for them,.The sapphire pen device was designed with a very accurate head made of Sapphire stone, which opens the implantation channels very accurately and is not visible to the naked eye, which in turn speeds up the recovery process and reduces the formation of crusts on the recieving area.

The angle of opening the channels is very important in the process of hair transplantation, as it not only affects the natural growth of hair, but it directly affects the extent of its density and direction as well.
This is why the channel opening stage is considered one of the most important things that determine the success of hair transplantation.

There are some hair transplant centers that claim to be able to grow about 65-70 follicles within one square cm, so that the hair after that appears more natural.
But the truth is that this number of cultivated grafts depending on both the density of the donor area and the space of the receiving area,

The reason for this is that the hair will not appear natural in terms of growth and direction.
Therefore, it is impossible to grow about 65-70 bulbs within this area.
The natural hair direction ranges between 40-45 degrees.
In the event that more than 45 bulbs are transplanted, the transplanted hair will not grow in a natural appearance, and it will look like the transplanted grass.

Advantages of the Sapphire device compared to its metal counterpart:

The Sapphire device is distinguished by its sharp, smooth, anti-bacterial surface, which contributes to reducing the percentage of damage to scalp tissues. Thus, the risk of complications such as trauma and damage to the scalp tissue will be reduced as well.

Due to the local anesthesia, whole hair transplantation operation can be performed with zero pain.

The sapphire pen, which allows operation at extremely small diameters and micro level, allows the follicles to be implanted more density with the right direction of hair growth which lead to a more natural appearance in much shorter time than traditional methods.

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