Beard & Mustache Transplant

Beard & Mustache Transplant

Beard & Mustache Transplant

The hair and the hair of the face, especially the beard, no longer have only a protective function against external natural aggressions, but have become part of our identity. Beard Transplant resolves flaws and imperfections.

The improvement of hair transplant techniques has made it possible to provide a natural look to the transplanted facial hairs. Beard Transplant, just like eyebrow Transplant, has become just as popular as the scalp procedure because the results are excellent. However, the goal is to improve the final appearance of the beard, sometimes in a more limited and conservative way and at other times significantly.

A variety of factors can cause undesirable lack of hairs on the face, particularly the beard. These factors can be: genetic predisposition, tearing (trichotillomania), burns, traumatic episode or consequence of aesthetic surgery with scar formation, causing the unwanted and irreversible loss of hairs in the beard area.

The extraction of the individual follicular units required to perform a beard transplant is performed in exactly the same way as the hair transplant using the most modern extraction and implantation technique allowing a natural and scar-free result.

Beard Transplant is advisable for correction of flaws and imperfections. Each situation is a unique reality, so a personal evaluation is advised. At Symmetria, Beard Transplant is, as in all procedures, performed by a highly experienced team of doctors and nurses.

Mustache Transplant 

The need for hair transplantation today is not limited to hiding baldness, but many young people are turning to a mustache transplant in Turkey in order to have a more attractive appearence, especially after the fashion for the mustache and beard to be released among all celebrities.

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