Will There Be Hair Loss After Hair Transplantation?

Will There Be Hair Loss After Hair Transplantation?

Will There Be Hair Loss After Hair Transplantation?

Turkey has one of the highest success rates in hair transplant. This is why here in Turkey, there are many experienced doctors who perform this operation. Hair transplant operations should be done in very healthy sterile conditions and should also improve the patient’s appearance.

What is a Hair Transplant Operation ?

Hair transplantation is performed by transplanting the grafts taken from their donor areas to the balding area for patients who are completely bald or who have lost a large part of their hair. The success of the hair transplant operation depends on the patient's own hair follicles. Therefore, there is no risk. Thus, hair transplantation is highly successful .

Hair taken from the donor area is expected to grow in the balding area where it has been transplanted. This healthy hair is extracted from areas where there is no hair loss. Therefore,  the hair follicles are healthy and the transplantation is successful because it is made form the patient's own cells.

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed ?

Although hair transplant treatment is performed with different techniques, the logic is the same. The roots extracted from the donor area used are planted in the areas with sparse hair. However, the way they are taken and transplanted differs. Today, hair transplantation is carried out using advanced technological devices today. Hair transplant operation is performed by extracting the hair follicles from the donor area. Hair grafts are collected from this area and transferred to the balding area. Grafts are collected using the FUE technique.  


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