What Is The Best Method In Hair Transplantation?

What Is The Best Method In Hair Transplantation?

What Is The Best Method In Hair Transplantation?

The techniques used in hair transplantation, especially in the development of technology that can be applied much more effortlessly and easily.  One of the hair transplant techniques today, the choi technique is generally preferred by surgeons and is comfortable for the patient.  Technological developments in hair transplantation continue to improve this day by day to find the best technique.  Choi hair transplantation technique, which is one of the most comfortable and successful methods at the moment, is the technique performed with the Choi pen.  It is a method that allows the hair follicles to be transferred from the healthy area to the balding area very successfully.

 What Is the Best Hair Transplant Technique?

First of all, in the hair transplantation technique, the preferred and desired situation of both the patient and the doctor is to provide a natural appearance.  At the same time, minimizing scars, making the hairline look natural, and increasing the density of hair.

What are the Advantages of the Choi Technique?

The most important advantage in hair transplantation technique using the Choi pen is that the entire hair does not need to be shaved.  In other hair transplant applications, it was necessary to shave the hair.  However, in the transplantation technique used today, it is not necessary to shave the scalp of the hair. The appearance of the head and opened hair channels in shaved hair transplants is not a pleasant appearance. Since a more natural appearance is created in the technique using the Choi pen, patients prefer this method the most.

What are the Best Hair Transplant Technique Criteria?

The type of anesthesia used in hair transplant treatment is very important.  One of the advantages of the hair transplantation method is that anesthesia is performed without any pain.  When hair transplantation is performed using the choi method, the process is completed in 30% less time than other methods.  Therefore, while this provides a great advantage in terms of transplantation, it is also advantageous in terms of patient comfort.


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