About Us

About Us


We are one of the best clinics in hair transplant turkey, approved by ministry of health. We provide our medical team with approved and well-equipped workspaces.Our team is very well organised to welcome foreign patients (VIP Transportation, five stars hotel,translator speaking your language). Our prices comparing our high quality services are competitive. Our principle is to give our patients what tgey desire to restore their naturel look and enhance it. Our job will not stop just after operation ,our team will follow you with all the post-operative instructions till you get your final results. We provide the most modern and advenced techniques. Our aim is the satisfaction of our patients.

  • 24\7 customer service
  • We offer the highest quality of medical care from professional and experienced doctors and assistants.
  • An Contracted hospitals is supplied with modern equipment and facilities.
  • We provide 24/7 access to telephone assistance directly from counselors and doctors.


Through 11 years of experience, We, in Symmetria work hardly with the mostvmodern technology and a large group of experienced doctors to preserve the standards of beauty and enhance the picture of it according to each individual and his desire.


Our vision is to help our patients and the maximum number of people around the world to go through hair transplant and plastic surgery operations to achieve there goals and desired look,and to make theire experience unforgettable adventure with lifetime satisfaction.

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What Distinguishes Us

Experience, professionalism and quality of service.

  • Our fast services Because of the well equipped laboratory in our clinic.
  • Joyful accommodation During your stay in luxurious hotels in city center near to touristic places.
  • Our experienced doctors Make sure that you are in safe hands.
  • Express yourself Our well trained team speaks your language and mainly english help you to communicate with the medical team.